Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right.

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!” – Dr Seuss

Well hello there, we meet again.

Rose-Ann and Pixel here with the weekly update… I can’t tell you how much this week has changed things. Between having to choose to stay where I am for another 6 months and then leap into the unknown, or step into the unknown without any planning or preparation. Just to put things into perspective, I’m a planner, and to not have a plan, or have things in place that need to be in place causes some anxiety, then, if everything doesn’t go to plan – wow talk about stressful… I mean who can relate – life is/can be stressful, am I right or what!

What do I mean by planning and preparation… Well, I have the opportunity to move overseas with Pixel and commence work in the hospitality area. That is until I can sort out my registration to work as a nurse/paramedic. The enormity of this undertaking is stressful in itself, between collecting all the documents, having them certified, copied, sent to the correct people, making sure that everything is correct and that all the “i’s” are dotted and “T’s” crossed, and that’s just me, let’s not talk about all the things I have to have sorted before Pixel can fly across with me. The vaccinations, documentation, blood tests, crate training (for travel crate), country regulations, the list just goes on!

Now you might be wondering, what brought this change on? As I stated in my first post, I’m an ED nurse in Australia, I have been a nurse for 3 years and have worked in multiple different positions, including flight nursing, aged care, general practice, general ward nursing and as an event paramedic. I can definitely say to you now, I have never in my life dealt with the amount of entitlement and abuse on a daily basis, than in the emergency department. Yet, in all that, I have the most amazing work mates, and some awesome patients, who make coming to work worth it and bearable, but unfortunately sometimes, that is not enough.

I have found myself in the last 10 months losing my passion and drive for nursing, anxious for what the next shift will bring. So you know what…


Dr Seuss says – “Only you can control your future.”

So here it is, I’m making a change, by starting to let go of the things I can’t change, and changing the things I can. One of those things is my weight – exercise plays a huge role in mental health and the release of the positive hormones throughout your body. Another thing to change is location and situation – I am well aware that in my field of work, there will always be the patients who are rude, abusive and entitled, but there are also always patients who are genuinely grateful to see you and have your help in their darkest moments, they are the ones that make going back to work, just that little bit more okay.

So there’s a little bit more of my background and the reason for this change. I am truly one exhausted nurse, but yet there is no way I would ever change where I am, or where I have come from. I am proud to be a nurse, because I know, all my patients receive the best care and if I can make at least one of them laugh and help take their mind off their situation, then, I believe I have done my job well.

Signing off for the night – Rose-Ann and Pixel

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