The Longest Journey Starts With The Smallest Step

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Hello, hi there.
My name is Rose-Ann and Pixel is my 1.5 yr old long haired chihuahua x Maltese. Well then who am I? I’m an emergency department nurse and also a graduate paramedic. Pixel and I met back in November 2018 and have been inseparable since. We go on weekly beach outings, camping trips and in the future – overseas travel. Stick around and you will get to go on our adventure with us.

What am I doing here – Great question… Answer: I don’t know. I guess I just want somewhere to share our travels with people, without having to show a million photos all at once and have to tell the story over and over – I’m sure you have been part of one of those situations.

Fun fact, there are two types of chihuahua head shapes… Deer Head and Apple head… I only found that out when I was researching how I’m going to transport Pixel overseas.

Now it is really important to know which head shape your chihuahua or dog in general has, especially if you want to fly with them. Some airlines ban short/snubbed nosed breeds, both cats and dogs.

Short/snubbed nose breeds (not just chihuahuas) have shorter snouts, yet at the same time, they still have the same anatomy that other dogs/cats have, just compacted in a smaller area. Due to the anatomical space being smaller, the risk of respiratory complications is higher then other breeds.

Most airlines will have a list of which animals can and cannot fly, cargo or cabin included. Always remember to call the airline prior to flying with them to make sure your companion can come with you, but to also check if they have to be in the baggage hold or allowed in the main cabin. Another easier way to help with international/domestic pet transport is to get in contact with a pet transport company – I am using Jetpets, and so far they have been incredibly helpful and professional – I will talk more on my experience with that side of things in another blog.

Now back to the topic at hand. Fun fact over – if you have more questions – I might not have the answers, but I’m willing to help if I can.

What’s the plan for this blog… Well it’s a place to share stories, recipes, travel struggles, advice, exciting news and much more. All I can suggest is to stick around and see where this goes.

I think its time to sign out for tonight! Goodnight all and chat to you soon.
Rose-Ann and Pixel xoxo.

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